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Living with a bbw aunt

Of course, this is a story about me. I’m Karl, a 45 year old male, 5′ 8″, 170 pounds, 6 inch penis, (cocks are bigger), an accounting auditor with same firm for the past 22 years. My wife and I have been divorced now for 1 year. I lived with my widowed mother. It seemed…

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Fat Prudish Aunt

So I’d just finished helping the old battle axe, my favorite aunt. She’d asked me to help her move a few things and it’d only take a few minutes. It took most of the freakin day. She’s always been a snooty know it all. What can I say, I like to help. All you have…

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Used and abused by two fat women
bbw porn

She just bent down to fetch the cake I had asked for and her blouse fell open, so I had a bird’s eye view of her huge tits. I had bought stuff here every other day for the last six months and had noticed, of course, that she had enormous tits. She was just plain…

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She kissed and nibbled her way up closer and closer to my pussy

“Thin” isn’t a word anyone has ever used to describe me. “Beautiful” isn’t either. But “sexy”? Well, that’s another story. It’s funny how long it takes us to come to a realization of who we really are. For me, it took just over 40 years. My whole life I’d struggled with the weight of my…

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Oral sex with a plumper dominate woman

Eating pussy, ass and my own cum for the first sex encounter I ever had with a girl. She could make me do anything that pleased her and it was great for me as weel. I was eighteen and met a girl at a dance. I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle while working…

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Holiday with my plumper wife
Saxana from WeAreHairy.com

My wife Wendy and I took a well deserved vacation after 25 years of marriage. With two grown up girls who had left home, we had our first vacation just the two of us on a Caribbean beach holiday. My wife was 44, a little plump, 5′ 2″ with straight shoulder length auburn hair and…

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