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Roberta Smallwood – porn clips

Roberta Smallwood was an extremely plump and buxom, yet still fetching and sexy pioneer in the big beautiful women genre of the adult entertainment industry in the 1990’s. Born on May 17, 1967 in Oklahoma, Smallwood was initially discovered in a nude pictorial for the men’s magazine Gent in 1991. Roberta went on to not…

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Big And Busty Sofia Rose XxX

Bbw Fanfiction: Paloma Adams was sick of school. Just because she was a bigger size than a clique of girls in her year, they thought that gave them the right to torment and tease her about her weight. The girls were led by a tall, thin blonde haired girl with hazel eyes, Megan Foster, who…

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Estella Bathory Chubby Pornstar

Estella Bathory is a busty English pornstar, fetish performer and glamour model who has been thrilling fans since 2017. Widely regarded as the UK’s hottest hardcore BBW performer, Estella Bathory was named a Best BBW at the 2018 Television X/SHAFTA Awards, she won the Most Sensual Voice at the 2018 BBW Awards and she was…

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