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Bi-Bbw story

“Thin” isn’t a word anyone has ever used to describe me. “Beautiful” isn’t either. But “sexy”? Well, that’s another story. It’s funny how long it takes us to come to a realization of who we really are. For me, it took just over 40 years. My whole life I’d struggled with the weight of my…

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Fat woman fucks good

Chuck was the popular guy, he had the chiseled physique, the gorgeous eyes with the long eye lashes, the perfect ass and of course a monstrous dick. It was no secret that the young man was blessed in both length and girth and most girls (and a few guys) on the collage campus would almost…

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My wet BBW lover

I love big boobs, and the best way to get them is to date bigger women. I started dating a BBW when I was 18 and have mostly dated them ever since. Somewhere along the line I realized that I preferred BBWs and I’ve never been sorry. This is the story of one of my…

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My girlfriend bbw sister

Of all the pussy I’ve eaten my girlfriend’s sister had the sweetest! Now before I tell the tale I’ll give the background. My girlfriend had a sister whom I have wanted since I met her 8 years ago so I had to wait. She is about 5’8 210 40 D, BBW long curly dark hair,…

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I Fucked a fat woman

I own a small company that installs and maintains computers for the hospitality industry. I have maybe about 30 employees from computer tech to sales. Almost 98 percent of my employees are men. The only woman in the company actually hire all my employees. She is a great judge of talent and character. So far…

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